Hard Drive Upgrade on SoftModded Xbox!

You must already have a soft-modded Xbox to get this to work as you need access to evoX to create an eeprom backup.

On Modded Xbox:
1. Load up evoX and go to the System Utils.
2. Go to Backup and it will auto-complete on its own.
3. FTP intoy our xbox and copy the C:\ and E:\ partitions to your local hard drive.

PC Steps:
4. Open xboxhdm and look into the linux directory. Copy the C and E partitions that you placed on your PC earlier and put them into this directory (replace the empty partitions that are there).
5. Search in E:\UDATA for eeprom.bin and copy it back to linx\eeprom\eeprom.bin. Your directory structure is now ready to be made into an ISO.
6. Go back to the main directory of xboxhdm and run make-iso-win.bat. This will take a few minutes but once it is done you will have an ISO of your xbox system.
7. Burn this iso using your burning tools to either a CD or DVD. If you want to make it fit onto a CD you might have to clean out some of the directories in the E drive.
8. Turn off your PC and unplug all current hard drives, make sure the new Xbox hard drive is set to master and your DVD/CD drive is set to slave.

Creating new drive:
9. Put the newly created CD into the CD Rom, ensure that the CD-rom is in the proper boot order (it should be first) and tell the PC to boot from CD-rom.
10. Once the initial interface has loaded type "1" and press enter.
11. Once the linux OS has loaded type in "xboxhd" and press enter. (This starts the proper tool) NOTE: You will get a list of your primary drive (should be the one you inserted, if it is not then please fix this NOW).
12. Type "yes" to continue (important, you have to type the entire word out!)
13. Type in "1" and press enter to build a new XBox HD from scratch.
14. You will be warned there is no xbox partitions and the drive will be reformatted, type "yes" and press enter. The system will now begin to format and build partitions.
15. If your drive is larger than 8GB you will be asked if you want to create an F partition, type "yes" and press enter.
16. You will be told 'we will now format the partitions and build xbox-drive' enter "yes" and press enter.
17. Do you wish to format your F partition? "yes" and press enter.
18. Do you wish to rebuild the C and E partitions? (This will copy the data from the CD over to the newly formatted hard drive) type "yes" and press enter for both the C and E partitions.
19. Now you are back to the menu and you type 8 to quit.

Locking the hard drive:
20. Reboot the computer and be sure to load back into the CD.
21. When you boot back into the xbox HD maker menu type "3" and press enter
22. Linux OS will load, once it has type "lockhd -a" and press enter.
23. You will be shown your hard drive information and if it is able to be locked type "y" and enter.
24. If this is successful you have completed the work and you can now put the hard drive into the Xbox and have fun! If it tells you the hard drive is not lockable please try another hard drive. Xbox:
25. Switch the drive back to Cable Select and install the hard drive into your new xbox. If it doesn't work please re-check you have done the above step by step. Besure to grab the right eeprom and if it still does not work you have your old hard drive to fall back on. :)